Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Top 5 Things to Do with 4+ Students in Your ESL Classroom

  1. Ask the students to do activities in groups for example writing script and performing role plays related to the topics in class focusing on the target language.
  2. Give students handouts with challenging tasks so they will spend more time trying to solve the tasks instead of making too much noise in classrooms.
  3. Read aloud notes where students will refer to their copies and discuss each points in the notes one by one where possible. This method always keep the class well controlled and easy for teachers to monitor the students.
  4. Ask students to write simple or short essays or write simple sentences related to the subject taught. 2 to 3 sentences are enough so teachers will have enough time to check the students sentences.
  5. For each subject taught, pause and ask students to come up with some examples to keep the students on track.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Top 5 mistakes ESL students made in sending draft for script writing

  1. Take things too easy by copying other script from the internet assuming teachers wouldn’t notice or know about it.
  2. Not listening to teachers’ explanation beforehand on which topic that they SHOULD avoid.
  3. Not checking the spelling even for simple words (spelling errors).
  4. Handwriting that cannot be read or understand.
  5. Being very late or late submission.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why We Should Install Truecaller on Our Smartphones

Truecaller is a must have apps that we can download from the Google Play especially to those that are always receiving anonymous calls from the unwanted parties like the credit cards, insurance companies or other spam calls which are very annoying and time wasting.

Truecaller works by detecting the anonymous calls and revealing the identity or identities to you where you can choose to answer or not to answer them. Truecaller also gathers all suspicious calls from all around the world and keep them updated. Users can report suspicious numbers and share it to others that might be receiving the same calls in the future.
As you can see in the screenshot above Truecaller automatically detects a call from a credit card company and display the identity to me as user which I fine very useful.

And in the screenshot above I can choose to report or to block the suspicious numbers immediately and also to share it with the rest of the world. I would give 5 stars to this helpful apps. You can download Truecaller HERE and start screening numbers that you don't want to see.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Enquiries: Say Yes to the Dress

Syahirah : Hello, miss. Welcome to our boutique.
Yvon : Hello, I’m Yvonne. This is my mom.
Aisya : Hello, nice to meet you.
Syahirah : Nice to meet you too. So, how can I help you?
Yvon : I have an appointment with your boss today. Can I see her now?
Syahirah : Could you wait for a second?
Syu : Hello, miss ! Sorry for waiting. Syuhada.
Yvon : Yvonnessa. I bring my mom with me today.
Syu : Please have a seat. So how can I help you?
Yvon : Two months from now, I’ll be having my wedding ceremony at Damai.
Syu : Oh, I guess you want something romantic, don't you? So, may I know what kind of wedding dress you want? Would you tell us more about that?
Yvon : I want something like Cinderella dress. I want my wedding ceremony to look like a fairytale. I want some sparkles and a heart-shaped neck. Is it okay mom?
Aisya : Yeah. It's up to you, dear. If possible, I want the best dress for my one and only daughter.
Syahirah : Okay then. But may I know your budget first?
Aisya : RM5000
Syu : Okay, here we pick three types of dress just like what you want.
Syahirah : Alright miss, can you follow us to the fitting room to try it first?
Yvon : Okay, sure.

(20 minutes later)

Aisya : Oh my dear, you look so beautiful on this dress. But I think there's something like..I think it not suits you. Why don't you try another one?
Syahirah : Okay, miss. Let's try the second dress.

(25 minutes later)

Syu : So madam, what do you think?
Aisya : It's pretty and I like the sparkles.
Syu : And Yvonn? What do you think?
Yvon : Yaaa it's pretty but I’m not satisfied with this dress. I feel uncomfortable with it. I think it doesn't look like a Cinderella. I want to try the last one. May I?
Syahirah : Sure miss.

(30 minutes later)

Aisya : WOW ! Absolutely amazing! You're so pretty on this dress. It suits you very well and I love this so much. I'm very sure you will look gorgeous on your wedding day!
Yvon : Yes mom ! I love this dress! This dress have sparkles, shape that I want, romantic, so beautiful. I think this is my dress. I want it. My mom is also happy with it. I'll buy this dress.
Syu : This is the sample only miss. Syahirah, can you take the new one?
Syahirah : Sure boss ! 

(At the counter)

Syahirah : RM4700 miss.
Yvon : Sure, here you go.
Syu : Thank you for choosing our boutique.
Yvon & Aisya : welcome.