Monday, July 11, 2016

Enquiries: Say Yes to the Dress

Syahirah : Hello, miss. Welcome to our boutique.
Yvon : Hello, I’m Yvonne. This is my mom.
Aisya : Hello, nice to meet you.
Syahirah : Nice to meet you too. So, how can I help you?
Yvon : I have an appointment with your boss today. Can I see her now?
Syahirah : Could you wait for a second?
Syu : Hello, miss ! Sorry for waiting. Syuhada.
Yvon : Yvonnessa. I bring my mom with me today.
Syu : Please have a seat. So how can I help you?
Yvon : Two months from now, I’ll be having my wedding ceremony at Damai.
Syu : Oh, I guess you want something romantic, don't you? So, may I know what kind of wedding dress you want? Would you tell us more about that?
Yvon : I want something like Cinderella dress. I want my wedding ceremony to look like a fairytale. I want some sparkles and a heart-shaped neck. Is it okay mom?
Aisya : Yeah. It's up to you, dear. If possible, I want the best dress for my one and only daughter.
Syahirah : Okay then. But may I know your budget first?
Aisya : RM5000
Syu : Okay, here we pick three types of dress just like what you want.
Syahirah : Alright miss, can you follow us to the fitting room to try it first?
Yvon : Okay, sure.

(20 minutes later)

Aisya : Oh my dear, you look so beautiful on this dress. But I think there's something like..I think it not suits you. Why don't you try another one?
Syahirah : Okay, miss. Let's try the second dress.

(25 minutes later)

Syu : So madam, what do you think?
Aisya : It's pretty and I like the sparkles.
Syu : And Yvonn? What do you think?
Yvon : Yaaa it's pretty but I’m not satisfied with this dress. I feel uncomfortable with it. I think it doesn't look like a Cinderella. I want to try the last one. May I?
Syahirah : Sure miss.

(30 minutes later)

Aisya : WOW ! Absolutely amazing! You're so pretty on this dress. It suits you very well and I love this so much. I'm very sure you will look gorgeous on your wedding day!
Yvon : Yes mom ! I love this dress! This dress have sparkles, shape that I want, romantic, so beautiful. I think this is my dress. I want it. My mom is also happy with it. I'll buy this dress.
Syu : This is the sample only miss. Syahirah, can you take the new one?
Syahirah : Sure boss ! 

(At the counter)

Syahirah : RM4700 miss.
Yvon : Sure, here you go.
Syu : Thank you for choosing our boutique.
Yvon & Aisya : welcome.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Minimalist Life

Recently I watched a video of a man and his family living their lifestyle as minimalists in Japan and I seems to be very much attracted to it. From what I understand minimalist carries out the meaning when you live your life to the minimal needs for example minimal amount of shirts, shorts and trousers. Other than that, minimalist only need the basic in life and not more than that for example instead of having chairs and table, minimalist only need a clean floor to sit and eat and also to invite friends and families to come by.
I was attracted to this concept or shall we say believe because it reminds me of what I don't need at home and I come to think that I should be doing the same thing too with my life.And I remembered that I was actually a minimalist myself when I was in university years back. During my years as a student, I only have 3-5 t-shirts, 3-4 long pants, 1 shorts, 3 sports shorts, 4 sports shirts, a pair of sports shoes and 2 pairs of shoes that I wore to go to class. It was pretty much a minimalist life at least to me.
The truth is this minimalist concept has really open up my mind and eyes in believing we should not possess something that we don't need or in another word we should not waste our money buying something that we already have and something that we don't need.

Thursday, December 10, 2015