Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Spa Treatment (Making & Handling Complaint)

Emy : Hello, good morning Miss! How can I help you?
Syu : Hello, good morning. Actually I am the person who made a treatment at your spa last week. Do you remember me?

Emy : Yes, of course I remember you. You are Miss Syuhaidah right?
Syu : Yes, it's me. 
Emy : May I know what kind of treatment that you get from us last time?
Syu : It was a face treatment last time I was here.

Emy : Ohh, ya. I remember that.
Syu : Glad that you still remember me. Actually, I came here because I want to make a complaint about your treatment.

Emy : Ohh,I see. Before that, please have a sit. Would you like to have a drink? Coffee maybe?
Syu : I appreciate that. Thank you.
Emy : It's okay, my pleasure.

(after a few minutes, Emy bring coffee for them to drink)

Emy : Have a drink miss.
Syu : Thank you.
Emy : So, what you want to complain about, miss?
Syu :  So, umm. I want to complain about the treatment because I don't know why but my skin getting weird day by day. This morning, I felt like my skin getting worse because of itchiness. Last night, I can't sleep well because of this.

Emy : Uhh sorry to hear that. May I ask a question?
Syu :  Sure.
Emy : Did you use any cosmetic product after the treatment?
Syu :  Yes, but just a little.

Emy : Okay, I see. I am sorry, but actually you can't use any cosmetic for a while because your skin is still in the process of getting clean skin. I am sorry once again.
Syu : Nah, it's okay. I hope it will get better soon. Maybe I’m not listening when you told me before.

Emy : It's okay miss. My mistake.
Syu : No worries. It was my fault. I didn't give much focus on that day. So I will come again for my appointment later.
Emy : Alright, Miss. Thank you so much.

(Few days later)

Kong: Hello, good morning! Welcome to Beauty Spa. Can I help you?
Jen :   Hi Good morning. Hmm, actually I was here a week ago. So, I would like to talk to your manager. Can I?
Kong : Sure but she is not here right now. She had some things to do. But if you don't mind, you can wait at her office for about 20 minutes. She will come after she finished her work.
Jen :  Ohh okay. I don't mind at all.

Kong : Alright, Miss. Do you want to drink? We have coffee and hot chocolate. Which one do you prefer?
Jen   : Uhh thank you. I would like to drink hot chocolate Miss.
Kong : Okay Miss. I will come again after I make your drink.
Jen   : Thank you Miss.

(After a few minutes)

Emy : Hello Miss, sorry for the long waiting.
Jen  : Hi it's okay Miss.
Emy : So, what do you want to talk about?

Jen  : I am sorry but actually I come here to make a complaint. I hope you don't mind.
Emy : No, it's okay. Just tell me anything. I am an open minded person. Before that, what is your treatment again? 
Jen   : I got hair treatment. So, when I got my first time treatment here, the treatment was okay. But the second time, the treatment suddenly gone bad. May be your worker were stressed?
Emy : Oh my god! I'm sorry to hear that.

Jen  :Yeah, I am sorry but I am so disappointed about that.
Emy: I am sorry. That's my fault.
Jen : Beside that, my hair also getting bad. It is so oily. May be my scalp is damaged?
Emy :No Miss. Because I feel guilty. I'll give you a 50% discount to replace your problem.

Jen : Ohh I don't mind actually. Well, since you give me an offer, I accepted it.
Emy : Thank you Miss! So, I will discuss with my assistant first. Can you wait for a while?
Jen : Okay.
Emy: Kong, can you make an appointment for Miss Jen?
Kong :Okay sure Miss. When will you be available?

Emy : I am okay with everything. Please make sure the appointment is as soon as possible. 
Kong : Alright Miss. So after I checked, you are free on next Monday. I will set the date and day to Miss Jen's appointment.
Emy :Okay. Thank you Kong.
Kong : Welcome.

Emy : Hello Miss Jen. Sorry for waiting. So your next appointment will be on next Monday. I hope you are free on that day.
Jen: Thank god, I am free and available on that day. I will come. Thank you Miss.
Emy : Alright, thank you Miss.
Jen : No problem.

Kong : Thank you Miss. Please come again.
Jen : Alright. Will come again, thank you too.
Kong : Welcome Miss.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The IPhone (Complaints)

Seller        : Hi miss, welcome to RED HOT COMPANY .I’m Sarah at your service.
Customer : Hi and thank you. I come here because I have a problem with my phone .I bought the iPhone here a few weeks ago.

Seller        : Yes miss. May I know what the problem is?
Customer : I’ve been using that phone perfectly a few days ago but this morning my phone can’t seem to be functioning well.

Seller        : Sure, may I take a look at the phone please?
Customer :  Okay here you are.

Seller       : I’ll let the technician to take a look at it. Okay, it’s seem like your battery is having some kind of problem. Did you bring the warranty card and the receipt of purchase?
Customer : Yes, here it is.

Seller      : Okay miss, we’ll have this fix immediately. By this evening, you can come and pick your phone back. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused especially when it comes to a new phone like yours.
Customer : I’m glad to hear that. So should I leave my contact number or anything?

Seller       : Just write your details in this receipt and we’ll call you if it’s done.
Customer : Alright. Thank you so much!!

Dealing With Real Estate Agent (Complaints)

Agent     : Hi..! Good morning, how can I help you?
Buyer    : Hi..! Good morning. I am one of your client who bought an apartment last week. I want to make some complaints regarding our apartment.

Agent    : Ok..! It won’t be a problem. Miss, may I know what do you want to complain about?
Buyer    : Definitely, you have to know about this..! Last night, I was taking my bath in the bathroom with excitement and suddenly my eyes were pointing at unusual views in that bathroom.

Agent    : Hmmm Miss, can you just straight to the point. You make me curious and my mind is going to explode thinking what actually your content of complaints.
Buyer    :  Okay, I’m sorry for messing up with you, actually there is a few part of my wall in the apartment is cracked. I don’t even know why and I thought earthquake just happened. 

Agent    :  Hahaha… Oh really? You’re so funny miss. Anyway, can I have your phone number for us to take an action about that matters and I will send you our elected professional contractor as soon as possible.
Buyer    :  Wow..!!! I’ll see how professional your contractor is. So, here is my phone number 012-8846832. Sir, may I know how long it will take to repair the cracking wall in my apartment? 

Agent   :  I think it should be within 6-7 days. Don’t worry about that, you just sit in your apartment comfortably and don’t forget to pop the popcorn. It will fix that problem soon enough before you know it.
Buyer   :  Hahaha.. And watch the Big Hero 6 movie right?
Agent   :  If that makes you happy miss.

Buyer   :  I think I have to leave right now. Thank you for your cooperation.
Agent   :  Okay sure. You’re welcome and I would like to thank you also for such a beautiful complaint and jokes. Hope to see you again.