ESL Learning and Teaching Writing

There are so many ways of learning writing but one would not succeed without writing the first sentence. A good piece of writing needs practice and more practice and also positive review from readers. Readers may come from different background with variety of perspectives and views. This is the writers task to fulfil readers need for read especially when the writers can come with good and original content in every of their writing.

Writing in order to pass examination for example English test is totally different from writing for pleasure. Yet the candidates still need to write in order to pass. Some example of writing in English test are like writing a summary, writing a memo, a report writing, fixed dialogue and story writing based on given pre-determined topics from examiners or should I say English teachers. In order to pass these kind of writing task, it's really crucial for candidates to understand the topics and know what are the points that they are about to write. Points in writing are really important as they contribute most marks while other parts that will be assessed in writing for example language, arrangement, grammar come in second that contribute less mark.

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