ESL Teaching and Learning Reading

Reading is another crucial skill in English as second language learning. Apart from knowing how to read in the target language, students also learn how to understand what they are reading and utilize the knowledge in daily life. Here are some of the factors on what should be considered when teaching Reading by ESL teachers:
1.  Again ESL teachers should be ready with appropriate, authentic and suitable reading materials. Easier ESL materials would be suitable for weak students while heavy materials would be appropriate for upper- intermediate and advanced ESL learners. The main focus should be in motivating students to read.
2.   It would be very useful and helpful if the materials are based on the students’ interest and not what ESL teachers thought the materials would be. Ask the readers of what they want to read about instead of determining the materials the students should be having.
3.   Please monitor students’ reading all the time especially during the real activities is going on. Read along if the teacher should but let the students do the target activity most of the time.
4.  Pause if necessary and ask questions related to the previous reading. This technique is essential especially teaching reading to upper- intermediate and advanced students to test their understanding towards the materials. And for beginners, reading should only focus on the reading process itself most of the time because the focus is to have the students to read meaning to get the pronunciation right and to identify the meaning of the words correctly.
5.  Reading materials with comprehension questions at the end of the last paragraph are very helpful for every level. ESL teachers have to make sure that the students are completing the comprehension questions given in order of making sure that they understand what they are reading.
6.  Please praise your student dear ESL teachers. Give them the credits of accomplishing something that they might think impossible to achieve and please appreciate their intention of trying to read and finally made it.
7.   Last but not least ESL teachers should encourage their students to read more materials as self enhancement and mind development from time to time.