Friday, June 29, 2012

MUET Listening Practice/Test: Part 2- Practice 15 (The Sun Education Fair)

For questions 9 and 10, complete the sentences using the letters A – F from the list below:

     A   win gifts
     B  save time and money
     C  review a flood of resumes
     D  get interviewed on the spot
     E   visit other job hunting sites
     F   advice on the process of applying for jobs

 9.   At the Sun-Jobs Online booth, job seekers have a chance to ..........

10.   In short, helps employers to .......

For questions 11, 12, 13, and 14 circle the correct answer.

11.   The Sun Education fair .....

       A. was held previously
       B. is held for the first time
       C. will be a yearly event beginning this year

12.   Job seekers and students will have only ……. days to visit the fair.

       A. one
       B. two
       C. three

13.   A visitor may able to do the following except          
       A. seek advice from counsellors
       B. explore education  opportunities
       C. to explore more about his/her personality

14.   If a visitor wants to seek for a job at the fair, he should   
       A. register and provide his resume
       B. register at the Sun-Online booth
       C. seek help from human resource executives at the fair

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