Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MUET Listening (Summarising)

A summary is a way of expressing all the important facts or characteristics about something in a short and clear manner. When writing a summary, we look for the main points and leave out details such as descriptions, illustrations and examples. Titles of stories and news headlines often summarise the story or news item concerned.

Listen to a news item and answer the following question.

A suitable headline for this news items is

A. Tough Battle for Atlanta
B. Dramatic Win for AC Milan
C. Atlanta Stuns Favourites AC Milan
D. Favourites AC Milan Fights a Hard Battle with Underdogs Atlanta

Listen to an announcement and answer the following question.

Which of the following sentences best summarises the announcement?

A. Passengers aboard TP 314 are delayed due to bad weather.
B. Passengers aboard flight TP 314 are in danger.
C. Flight TP 314 to Taiwan is delayed due to bad weather.
D. Bad weather hampers passengers abroad Flight TP 314.

Listen to a talk and answers the following question.

The main purpose of the talk is to

A. inform the listeners about Malaysian dances
B. impress upon the listeners the beauty of Malaysia
C. demonstrate the richness of the Malaysian culture
D. highlight the complexities of Malaysian dances

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