Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MUET Listening (Information Transfer)

Part One of the listening test involves transferring information from linear texts or non-linear texts to graphic forms such as tables, graphs, pie charts or diagrams. Information presented in graphic form helps one to get a better view of the overall organisation of the information.
Listen to the following passage and complete the chart below. Write your answer in NOT MORE THAN FIVE WORDS.   


1.  A. HOME EMERGENCIES              3A. lie down with feet lower than head
     B. FIRST-AID KNOWLEDGE                B. lie down with feet raised higher than head
     C. HANDLING EMERGENCIES           C. lie down with head raised higher than feet
     D. FIRST AID FOR EMERGENCIES    D. lie down with head raised higher than body

2.   A. nausea                                          4A. reduce infection and pain
      B. vomiting                                              B. prevent swelling and suffering
      C. headache                                           C. prevent cramps and convulsions
      D. cold, clammy skin                               D. reduce inflammation and ease pain

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