Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MUET Listening Practice/Test: Part 2- Practice 12 (Wayang Kulit)

For questions 9 and 10, complete the sentences using the letters A – F from the list below.
A.    Performed at village
B.    Thriving as a cultural art form
C.   Played as cultural performance
D.   Acquired by talented individuals
E.    Performed continually for 8 hours
F.    Passed on from one generation to another

9. Nowadays the Wayang Kulit is …………………………..

10. It can be concluded that the skills of the Tok Dalang are ………………..

For the questions 11, 12, 13 and 14 circle the correct answer:

11. The puppets used for the Wayang Kulit are made from

     A.    Paper and bamboo sticks
     B.    Leather and bamboo sticks
     C.   Cotton fibre and bamboo sticks  

12. A Tok Dalang controls the atmosphere in the hall by

   A.    The tone of his voice
   B.    The skills in handling puppets
   C.   Playing the musical instruments

13. The Tok Dalang does the following except

A.    Tells stories
B.    Plays the gamelan
C.   Handles the puppets

14. How can the Tok Dalang make his performance fresh?

A.    He makes the puppets attractive
B.    He relates the story to current happenings
C.   He composes modern music for this shows

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