Friday, April 21, 2017

MUET Listening (Recalling Information)

One important strategy that you need to develop to do well in the listening test is the ability to recall information.

  • To recall means to remember and recollect information that you have heard during listening.
  • To recall information heard one needs to listen well and make notes.
Listen to a passage on Food Additives and complete the following sentences. Write your answer in NOT MORE THAN FIVE WORDS.
1.  The purpose of food additives is to __________________
2.  Antioxidants preserve flavour, prevent denaturation of the fat soluble vitamins A           and E, prevent food contaminants from causing malignant changes in the ____________
3.   Some food additives such as nitrates and ____________________ can react with food to form ________________ called nitrosamines that have been proven to ___________
4.   Salting and pickling with or without spices are known as the most effective ways of preventing decay in ____________________

5.   The most effective treatment of high blood pressure is ___________________ 

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