Friday, April 21, 2017

MUET Listening (Listening for Main Ideas)

The main idea is the general idea or the main point of a message, news report, talk or conversation. It tells us what the passage or text is about and does not include supporting details or examples. In news reports, the main idea is usually summarised in the headlines.

Listen to a talk and answer the following question.

 A suitable title for the talk is 

A. Conjunctivitis
B. The Cause of Conjunctivitis
C. Symptoms of Conjunctivitis
D. Conjunctivitis and How to Treat It

Listen to a documentary item and answer the following question.

The passage is mainly on

A. Malaysian projects in 1998
B. the achievement of Malaysia in 1998
C. international events held in Malaysia in 1998
D. how Malaysia survived the economic slowdown of 1998

Listen to a newspaper report and answer the following question.

A suitable headline for the newspaper report is

A. Charity Drive by Hotels
B. Rumah Cahaya Entertains Children
C. Christmas Cheer for Rumah Cahaya
D. Christmas Celebration by Hotel Four Seasons

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