Tuesday, April 11, 2017


For Questions 15- 20 write your answers in NOT MORE THAN FIVE WORDS. 

15. The advertisement of Puteri Heights focuses on five main aspects. They are the meandering tree-lined community grounds, state-of-the-art _____________________, a ___________________ , a gymnasium and a large ____________________

16. The ‘burst of colours’ in Primavera’s advertisement refers to the different ____________

17. The main attraction that ERAMAN Malaysia promises to international travellers is the excitement of _____________________

18. The Star Rating System implemented by the Housing and Local Government Ministry is to measure the ___________________________ of local councils.

19 The main purpose of the Life Long Reading Club is to _________________________ and create a platform for readers to discuss and share ideas and knowledge. 

20 Semai Bakti hopes to provide help and training to volunteers and parents of the disabled so that those disabled community can become more _____________________ with society. 

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