Tuesday, April 11, 2017


For Questions 9 and 10, complete the sentences using the letters A- F from the list below.

A interrupted by commercials
B guaranteed to get their money back
C a showcase of the latest products in town
D purchase can be made from anywhere
E waiting time between buying and delivery is rather long
F product can be discontinued due to poor sales
9. Consumers do not fear returning goods because they are _____________________   

10. One main disadvantage of home shopping is that the ________________________                                                         
For Questions 11 and 12, 13 and 14, circle the correct answer.

11. All the following support home shopping except
     A absence of traffic jams
     B money is refunded for unsatisfactory products
     C hassle-free shopping in the comfort of the home
     D obtaining shopping catalogues at a nominal price

12. According to the speaker ‘some companies use consumers’ as guinea pigs’. In this        context a guinea pig refers to

   A a small animal with short legs and no tail
   B a kind of pig used in experimental studies
   C someone who is used in an experimental study
   D someone who likes to participate in experiments

13. The problem of dishonest consumers who use products and later claim refunds is not a major setback for dealers because 

   A consumers are generally honest
   B the returning of goods is rather troublesome
   C consumers are embarrassed to return used goods
   D the return rate of goods by consumers is rather low

14. The speaker predicts that in future home shopping 

    A will be monopolised by housewives
    B will continue to grow at a steady pace
    C sales will decreases after these initial boom time
    D market will be taken over by other new initiatives 

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