Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MUET Listening (Drawing Conclusions)

To draw a conclusion means to decide on something or make a judgement after careful consideration facts and opinions presented. To come to a conclusion we require logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Conclusions are based on facts and information presented.


Listen to a conversation and answer the following questions. From the conversation we can conclude that Farah
A. is rather self-centered
B. is a very busy person
C. does not like going for shows
D. does not take punctuality seriously


Listen to weather forecast and answers the following question. From the weather forecast we can conclude all the following except
A. It would be advised to stay indoors if you are staying in Kelantan.
B. It would be a wet day in all the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia.
C. It would be worthwhile going sightseeing in Sandakan in the morning.
D. It would be wise to go shopping in the morning if you are staying in Pahang.


Listen to a talk and state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. 
1. In the past, sugar was not believed to be main cause of health problems like diabetes and heart diseases.
2. Studies carried out in 1986 indicated that sugar intake caused a host of health problems.
3. The main cause of tooth decay is fermented carbohydrates.
4. The speaker concluded that moderate intake of sugar is not detrimental to health and tooth decay.

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