Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MUET Listening (Recognising Speakers’ Attitudes, Roles and Relationships)

·        Refers to one’s opinions, feelings and perceptions regarding certain issues.

(a)  The employer is unsympathetic towards his foreign workers.
(b)  The speaker shows a caring attitude towards the less fortunate.

·        Refers to the position of a person in a particular situation and the degree he is involved in or the duty which someone is expected to perform.

(a)  Hashim was put on trial for his role in the anti-government demonstration.
(b)  The role of the local authorities is to provide adequate housing facilities for everyone.

·        Refers to the relationship between two people or two groups of people and how they behave and feel towards each other.

(a)  Gowri and Ross are cousins.
(b)  Malaysian has a friendly and cordial relationship with all her neighbours.

Listen to a talk and answer the following question.

“More often than not it is a cry that goes unheeded by society”. This shows that the speaker has a _________________________ attitude towards suicide victims.

A caring
B frustrated
C indifferent
D sympathetic


Listen to a telephone message and answer the following question. What is the relationship between Marie and Rozario?

A Landlord-Tenant
B Author-Narrator
C Proprietor-Client
D Supplier-Customer


Listen to a telephone conversation and answer the following question. Which of the following is NOT a role of a tourist guide?

A Taking tourists to places of interest
B Helping tourists to arrange for city tours
C Providing information regarding the tour
D Providing help in dealing with personal problems

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